Smart rat and mousetraps by Xignal with optimal smart sensor technology

Smart rat and mousetraps by Xignal with optimal smart sensor technology

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24/7 real time information

Xignal sends 24/7 real-time information about the status of the traps. Easily check all placed traps via your phone, laptop or tablet.

Notifications in the mail

Save time on unnecessarily checking traps. Thanks to our email notifications, you know exactly where and when you caught something.

Xignal is 100% Non-tox

Xignal is Non-tox and therefore fits into the IPM. Xignal also meets the legal requirements and hygiene code (HACCP)

Let Xignal do the work

The first digital trap on the market

Xignal is the world’s first digital mouse and rat trap. The original product works together with an innovative and sustainable platform, which enables a more efficient way of fighting mice and rats. The system uses patented traps that keep you informed of the status 24/7. By means of an email notification on your phone or tablet you immediately know when a mouse or rat is trapped. For example, interim inspection is no longer necessary and catching pests is no longer a (time-consuming) and labour-intensive job.

Monitor the traps online

MyXignal is our digital monitoring platform. Available as a portal and app. Our apps are available for Iphone, IOS and Android.

The digital monitoring platform can be set up freely, so that it optimally matches your business operations. Even linking to, for example, external planning systems is possible.
Routine checks become unnecessary, because MyXignal shows you what’s going on at a glance, by location.

In MyXignal you can easily create reports and create an overview for the best advice to your customers.

With a MyXignal account you get access to the portal and app and you can add sensors to your system.

What's in it for me?

Working with Xignal is much more efficient than working with traditional systems. By working with Xignal;

  • the catch is detected immediately

  • you comply with the legal requirements and the hygiene code and it fits within the HACCP guidelines

  • reports provide insights into what you have done in the field of prevention, monitoring and control

  • you save time by avoiding unnecessary customer visits and inspections for traps that don’t have a catch

  • you can spend more time expanding your customer base

  • you also work sustainably and Non-tox

Smart mouse and rat trap products
Smart mouse and rat traps - Private label

Working with a private label?

Xignal is also available as a private label product. Take advantage of all the conveniences of the Xignal system with your own logo and branding on it. Ask us about the possibilities.

"By using the app, you are immediately aware of where and when a rat or mouse has been caught."

Loek Kloosterman
Loek Kloosterman
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“OptaScan has already been using Xignal mouse traps for several years, not because we want to spend less time with our customers (large food companies), but precisely to devote more time to the structural prevention and resolution of pest infestations. That's why Xignal traps fit the OptaScan pest control systems so well ”.
Jan Jaap van Dorst
Jan Jaap van Dorst
Killgerm Benelux
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“In the digitization of the pest sector, Dimo ​​Systems is at the forefront with Xignal. It is a relevant added value to be able to receive information 24/7. This contributes to an effective and professional management plan. Developments continue and I am pleased to be able to properly inform our customers in the field of digital pest control.”
Jaap Lemmens
Jaap Lemmens
ASB Pest Control
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"Xignal's products add value to ASB Pest Control because it offers a different way of thinking and a new efficient way of working. Customers are better served by the many benefits that the system offers. You can respond faster to what is going on year after year. This significantly reduces the economic damage and possible inconvenience, because you can respond immediately to every report. Our customers are happy with Xignal and we, ASB Pest Control are well prepared for the future.”

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Smart mouse and rat trap products