About us

innovative, sustainable.

The three characteristics underpinning Dimo Systems. And we are proud of that! And whe are proud of it!

Our story starts back in 2016, when we decided to put our plans for the development and deployment of digital monitoring on a concrete footing. Since then Dimo Systems has grown from a pioneer in the monitoring industry into a fully-fledged global specialist.

Our first priority at Dimo is to work in a sustainable manner. We are mindful of people and planet and think of the future: we have only one Earth, and need to protect her. And we take equally good care of our people. Connecting with each other, working together in a fulfilling and respectful manner: that is what makes us and our professionals tick.

Our greatest pride is our own sensor-driven Xignal Solution, an intelligent and sustainable pest control system. These innovative mouse and rat traps even won us the Copaco Innovation Award in 2017!

But ambitious as we are, we think beyond pest control. We are always open to new challenges and seize opportunities where and when they occur. Creating safe environments through new technologies and techniques: that is what we aspire to achieve.

What characterizes us is that we do what we say….and more. It is precisely that desire to take the extra step, our genuine commitment and our personal approach that our customers value so much. Their satisfaction is what drives us!

Are you interested in finding out all we have to offer? If you want to request a meeting or receive more information, simply contact us with no obligation. We will be happy to share our knowledge and expertise with you!

“With their Xignal Solution, Dimo Systems is leading the way in digital pest control. Receiving information 24/7 adds relevant value. It contributes towards effective and professional management planning. New developments are ongoing and I am delighted that we can give our customers good pest control information.”

Jan Jaap van Dorst
Killgerm Benelux