How it works

Anyone who has problems with mice or rats knows they must be caught. Setting mouse and rat traps is a must in such cases. But what if you have one or more large buildings to deal with? In that case, checking and inspecting all those multiple traps scattered throughout the building can be a tiresome business. So surely there must be a simpler way to do this …

Fortunately there is! The innovative, intelligent and sustainable solution for this problem is Xignal Solution. Old Tech meets High Tech. The system comprises mouse and rat traps, a pole sensor and motion sensors that help you remote-monitor your pest control efforts.

So how does it work? It’s really very simple. Using LoRa (Long Range Low Power) technology, you are in continuous contact with the traps you have set. The Xignal detects the status of the mice or rat traps, while also monitoring the temperature and movement of the trap 24/7.

You download the free app and then receive a push notification on your mobile, tablet or laptop about the status of the mouse or rat trap: ‘armed’, ‘unarmed’ or ‘unarmed with catch’. You receive updates every 30 hours and every time the situation changes. That way you are immediately informed about where and when an animal has been caught, making periodic inspections no longer necessary.

An end-to-end solution – from sensor to online portal – that is smart, fast and effective!


Xignal detects the status of the mouse and rat traps 24 hours a day: armed, unarmed with catch or unarmed without catch.


Through LoRa technology, the traps communicate via your private or public network. The Xignal end-to-end solution, from sensors to online portal, is easy to use.


Report By a push notification on your phone, tablet, laptop or PC you receive reports about the activities of pests. This way you can take immediate action when you have caught something. Ideal for the pest controller, the quality manager and the auditor.

To sum up the benefits:

  • 24/7 monitoring of the connected traps gives you constant real-time information. A caught rodent never remains in the trap for long (which prevents all sorts of unhygienic consequences).
  • Labour-intensive visual inspections are no longer necessary.
  • The My Xignal app is extremely user-friendly and available in Dutch, English, German, French, Spanish and Italian.
  • The Xignal Solution fits in existing bait stations, keeping the investment low.
  • No electrical connection is required: operates on batteries with a life of 3 to 5 years.
  • No WiFi is necessary thanks to the connection via the LoRa network.
  • Good for public health: 100% non-poison, i.e. compliant with rodenticide legislation.
  • Compliant with hygiene regulations and quality standards. You have the correct and up-to-date data immediately available for Netherlands Food and Consumer Product Safety Authority spot checks.

Are you a professional pest controller? A pest control supplier? Or responsible for pest control within your company? If so, we will be happy to help you with a solid and effective pest control solution.

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“With their Xignal Solution, Dimo Systems is leading the way in digital pest control. Receiving information 24/7 adds relevant value. It contributes towards effective and professional management planning. New developments are ongoing and I am delighted that we can give our customers good pest control information.”

Jan Jaap van Dorst
Killgerm Benelux