Outdoor gateway

The Xignal outdoor gateway provides the link between the Xignal sensors, such as drops and motion sensors, and the Xignal Cloud Center.

Multiple sensors can communicate via the gateway.
The outdoor gateway extends LoRa® connectivity among, for example, commercial buildings such as hotels, conference centres, offices and retail facilities, as well as business parks, greenhouses and warehouses.

The Outdoor gateway can be mounted on the outside, on a railing or mast on the roof of a business premises. The installation is wireless plug and play using the 4G SIM card for internet access or can be easily connected to your network via an Ethernet cable.
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Xignal detects the status of the mouse and rat traps 24 hours a day: Armed, closed with catch or closed without catch.

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Using LoRa technology, the traps communicate through your private or public network. Xignal’s end-to-end solution, from sensors to online portal, is an easy-to-use system and always up to date.

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Receive reports on the activities of pests via email. This way you can take immediate action when you catch something. Ideal for the pest controller, quality manager, auditor and the end user. Create multiple users in the portal so that the customer can follow the observations.


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